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Can We Just Leave Steve Jobs To Be Dead.

Feels like the media and wantreprenours just want to dig him up every week.

Sure, he did a lot of good things. (and bad)

But he was an anomaly, if you think you’re the next Steve Jobs maybe go and read some other books and get some life experience before you start something.

TIP: You shouldn’t take anyone seriously who brings up Steve Jobs in a meeting. I find it similar to someone doing a SWAT analysis in a meeting or saying “Yes, but whats the ROI?” like they've just dropped the mic. You’re not adding value, you’re just using buzzwords. It’s just a bit cringey.

He was noted as being an ass in some aspects too. So now we’ve get a load of people who think you have to be an ass to do well at business.

It seems like everyone is pointing to him all the time, as a “success”. But there are so many other examples to use, why be so lazy?

You know every business school in the country has a handful of students who have chosen to do a case study or a project on apple right now.

It just gets a bit tiring no?

How many movies do we need about someone who died in 2011. Maybe just let the man rest, instead of milking his teat dry.

and yes, i’m aware this post isn’t helping.


RIP Steve.

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