The Eight Cornerstones of Your Marketing — Know these and win.

1. The purpose of your marketing.

What do you want your prospects to do? Buy? Click? Sign up?

2. How you’ll achieve this purpose.

What’s your competitive advantage your benefits over your competition?

3. Select your target market/markets

Get specific, and create content just for them.

4. The marketing weapons you’ll use.

Choose at least 4. Choose your channels and own them. Outsource to experts if you must.

5. Your niche your position and what do you stand for?

6. Get your story in order.

Everyone’s got a story. Take some time to think about how you got to where you are today.

7. Your total monthly budget.

Set aside investment for your marketing. It will take time, but see it through for results.

8. Do it.

Now just do it. ( The hardest part)

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