You’re not entitled to awareness on Product Hunt, Facebook or Twitter.

If you post something on a platform and the platform removes that post, shits on your idea, ban you forever. That’s fine. They own the platform.

They own it, they control it… that’s how it works.

You have no say in that platform, but for some reason people feel like they’re entitled to use the service. You’re not. We’re all lucky to have it.

People need to get a reality check.

This might feel somewhat militant, but it’s business. You don’t have to offer your wears to everyone and their dog. If someone’s an ass, You don’t have to serve them, that’s your right… as an extension it makes the service better for others.

On the flip side of that – if the platform wants to push something, they can do that to. You don’t have to use it.

You’re not entitled to awareness on Facebook, Product Hunt or Twitter … in fact you’re not even untitled to use those services. You’re lucky to get any awareness.

Complaining about a platform being unfair or biased isn’t an issue. It’s a fact…. And that’s fine. Usually they’re trying to make it better for their users, share something they believe in or make some money.

The service gets to do that because they’re offering value up front.