Connecting with local businesses!

As a voice actor with a home studio it’s easy to stay home and forget to do activities outside. The benefit is I can work from home, and stay in contact with people all around the world. The downside is that the whole day can go by without stepping outside.

That’s why I’ve been thinking about ways to connect with my community and talk to local business owners and studios. The purpose would be to get to know people in the area and start to build business relationships for the future. Using my camera I’ll be hitting the streets and filming some businesses, talking with the owners and Vlogging the experience. I’d also like to get a sneak peak at some of the studios around me and the rest of the NYC suburbs to see how they have their studio space set up.

If you work for a business in North Jersey or know an awesome studio that would be willing to let a voice actor with a camera explore their space let me know! More on this to come and here’s the video version of this story: