The Future of Instagram on Crowdfire

While I appreciate the efforts and evolution of the product, as a paid subscriber the value of five minutes of prescriptions does not equate to even a nominal payment. The ability to follow and unfollow, and some of the other features, are so basic and integral to the subscription that I hope your team is evaluating completely new monetization strategies.

We have seen a significant impact in the use of the product in our office for only about 10 hours per week. For this, we are happy to pay. As a Beta user for the prescriptions, if that were offered to us for free and that was all we knew, we would could be happy. Particularly as someone doing a blog out of a basement. Minimal investment, incremental improvement. The system previously allowed for rapid success as it was initially built, and that is missing in the current iteration.

Sucks what happened. There will be haters. Good luck in putting together something that justifies the paid memberships or a shift in how you make money. Hate to see you fold up!

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