As we see media distributors losing consumers from traditional linear TV, digital distribution and social media have become crucial for creating engagement, boosting awareness and growing a brand’s customer base, among dozens of other KPIs.

Some points we’ve been hearing from clients more and more often are things like:

“We have great content, but no system for our teams to deliver clear brand messaging across platforms.”

“We have a strong identity, but don’t know how to translate our voice into effective social strategy.”

“We have a robust content strategy, but need better tools to create brand consistency.”

The situation gets…

Let’s take a look at key takeaways from Disney’s Q&A where they fielded analysts’ questions on the future of their OTT service and properties.

Three Different OTT Options:

  • Sports-focused (ESPN, FOX RSNs, Sky Sports, Hotstar, Fox Deportes)
  • Family-focused (Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Nat Geo, Freeform)
  • Adult-focused (ABC content, FX/FXX, 21C television content, Hulu as a delivery platform)


If the merger goes through, Disney’s sports portfolio will include ESPN, 22 regional sports networks, a 39% stake in Sky Sports, 30% stake in Tata Sky, Hotstar Sports and Fox Deportes.

Domestically, the 22 regional sports networks are a major acquisition…

Joe Nash

Executive Producer @ BUCK NY

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