George A. Romero Tribute: Slow Zombie Philosophy of Life

No secret that I love all things Zombies and it was a sad week to lose the father of the Zombie genre George Romero.

Let’s talk about how Night of the Living Dead is a big giant fucking life lesson, rather than just a monster flick and why slow zombies are so important to the movie he was trying to make.

The guy was a legend and there is a million things I could write about: His innovation in cinema, how he created films in an almost improv style (not having a full script), establishing one of the first African American lead protagonist in a film, etc, etc, etc.

Since time is limited this morning, I’ll focus on one thing that I was reminded of in a recent episode of Penn’s Sunday School where Penn spoke much more more eloquently about George’s work and its impact on him than I’m about to, so catch that if you’d like to hear more.

Slow vs. Fast zombies may be a fun nerdy debate to be had on Reddit, but slow zombies are a crucial part of the metaphor that George was trying to make.

The metaphor is this:

The things that will take you out in life, that will eat you alive and suck the soul from living the life aren’t super quick and dangerous villains. They aren’t the lions jumping from the bush anymore, but it’s the extremely slow and daily grind that people succumb to.

Slow zombies represent the grind of the modern daily life. The small things, that take our focus away from the big things that matter. Zombies are EMAIL, zombies are paperwork, zombies are keeping up w/ the Joneses, are spending time on the things that don’t fucking matter in the long run and letting them consume you.

Don’t be cocky, keep your eye on the prize, have presence of mind, think things out or the slow things, the grind that’s all around you will eat you up and make you one of them, the boring and the unfulfilled.

Now that’s a fucking horror movie.

Thank you George, for making such smart observations on modern life through the lens of low art of horror movies. That’s some crazy awesome shit that makes you one of the best. #alltheprops

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