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So much speculation when we have a president who has violated the law according to the Supreme Court in making unlawful immigration policies, unlawful payments to the Affordable Care Act according to the General Accountability Office, abuse of power in Iran deal which needs to be a treaty for it to be binding so President Obama did it unilaterally which was reckless (I favor good relations with Iran- but we need a treaty- not a presidential directive that can be removed with the next president), as president Obama blocked the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation-that is a fact, he encourages “protests” against an election he doesn’t like making him and the protesters anti-democratic. etc. The list is endless. Legitimate protests are against government wrong doing or missteps, not for a legitimate election with an outcome one doesn’t like. The democrats are becoming a party of chaos and irrational conduct creating division in the country promoted by President Obama who I voted for once.

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