Joe Palermo - Lake Charles Property Developer on the Three Keys to Selling Real Estate

Joe Palermo is a Lake Charles property developer and real estate broker and agent. He founded the company he still runs today, Palermo Realty Development, in 1963. His involvement in the development of commercial and residential property has created many more opportunities for him to expand his businesses into different industries, as well as economic opportunity for many others in his local community. He started out as a normal real estate agent and broker, trying to sell properties to people in the area. Here are his three keys to selling real estate:

  • Know the neighborhood. As a real estate agent, it’s your job to know everything about all of the areas you are selling property in. You have to know what will interest your customers and how to answer their questions ahead of time. For example, families will want to know about schools, etc. Know each neighborhood like the back of your hand.
  • Be easy to reach. Back in the 1960s, being away from a phone was somewhat excusable for agents like Joe Palermo working in the Lake Charles area. These days, with smart phones, email, instant messaging, etc. being out of reach is inexcusable. Buyers and sellers get nervous for the slightest hiccups. When they feel nervous, they have to be able to get ahold of you.
  • Advertise. Joe Palermo knew the value of getting his face plastered throughout the Lake Charles area from the moment he started his real estate development firm. Advertising is the key to finding new clients.

Joe Palermo Lake Charles still lives and works in the Lake Charles area.