Starting a Business

Might feel daunting

Starting a business isn’t easy. There are websites to build, forms to fill out, cards to create. And with no click-through tutorial anywhere to guide you, it’s impossible to know how to get started. Plus, there’s the whole question of what service or good you would provide if you did have your own business.

At the same time, there are a TON of businesses out there, so surely someone knows what they’re doing. And let’s be realistic, how many times have you met a personal business owner and thought to yourself “Wait, this dude runs his own business?”

But for whatever reason you never get past the phase of sitting back and thinking “Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to own my own business.” While thinking about market strategies or innovative features is important, thinking alone doesn’t make them any more real.

If any of this sounds familiar…well, first, it shouldn’t. This is all about me. However, if any of this sounds familiar anyway then that’s a pretty big bummer. Because something as alluring as realizing financial independence shouldn’t be so inaccessible. And while we’re still a few years away from being able to manifest our thoughts into reality, it doesn’t mean starting a business couldn’t be a bit easier.

The good news is, thanks to things like the internet, starting a business has gotten easier. It’s difficult to quantify specifically, however suffice it to say that having a tiny magical box you can speak into and get the answer to everything ever is bound to be simpler than going to the library to read a book (though you should totally still read books).

The less good news is, even with the internet, starting a business still isn’t quite as easy as one-two-three. Digital tools have significantly lowered the barriers for entry, it’s still quite the undertaking to understand how all of them work together. Further, as I’ve learned, there’s a shitload of stuff you don’t know about that might get you sued, and I find it’s best not to get sued.

The other good news is, I want to help. While I can’t promise it’ll be as easy as one-two-three, I will work to make starting a business more like learning your times tables than quantum mechanics.

Why, you ask? For a couple good reasons. The first is that I have recently decided to start my own business and, quite frankly, I’d much rather spend my time doing the things I love. So, I imagine if this takes off I can toss up a Patreon account and focus more on writing.

For full disclosure, while I do have a gargantuan near-decade worth of experience at world class organizations like Piraeus Consulting and Microsoft as well as a Master of Business Administration from the prestigious Pennsylvania State University, I’ve never technically started a business.

But pay no mind to that, how hard could starting a business possibly be, anyway? Oh, wait, right…I mean, while I am certain to face untold challenges and struggles, my misery will be well worth it when it can be paid back in other people’s learning.

Over the next days and years I plan to detail my journey toward starting my own business, sharing the lessons I learn along the way. My goal is that I may be able to help inspire others to start their own business, regardless of whether you’ve been sitting on a big idea or you’re just looking for a different life. Tune in here to find out how it goes.