by Joe Pendlebury (@theuxchap)

Calling All UX Meatheads! I Need Your Help…

It’s fry-day night and I’m on a mission to find the Big Mac of badly-designed, d-ill-thought-out Burger Menus. I’m looking for the Burger King of all Whoppers.

Ain’t no Happy Meals around here — just 100%, solid, ground, British beef.

Share your worst Burger Menu sightings in the ‘Responses’ / comments section below!

Mobile, desktop, apps, emails, wherever — if you’ve got beef, let me shred it up, before I flame grill it!

It’s for an upcoming blog post where I’m about to go H.A.M! Some of these Retailers need to ketchup with the times! It’s become pan-demonium, often leaving users in a right pickle!

If you know of an example as bad, or worse than Esprit — who not only have a Burger Menu on their site, but also have what looks like another one representing the letter ‘E’, in their logo — then please let me know. It’s this level of dross that I’m after.

Let’s get rid of this full fat, processed cheese, once and for all.

Test and burn, UXers. And remember, if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself and fry again.

That’s enough burger buns (sorry, puns!) for one story… 🍔🍔🍔 👀

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