Most of us live our lives without truly knowing who we are or can answer the question, “Who am I?” The question is not to define us by our work or activities but to truly know ourselves. We think we are defined by our careers, family, beliefs, or something else external. But to truly KNOW who we are in our hearts and minds is the core focus of this question.

Popular people seen in the media also face this kind of challenge and even lose identity due to circumstances during the amount of years worked. Actors lose, at times, personal image of themselves because a role-played by them can be so profound and rob them of their own private mental definition of who they are which can be dangerous. Public figures who are also in front of the camera tend to face the same dilemma due to staff or crew who surround them daily and only give them information that sells well to the public to see and hear.

Going beyond the public media and all the news broadcast on whatever method seen from whichever medium available presently adds to this problem. One can trust and believe because of what is true or programmed in the mind and take that information and make it personally real when the opposite is true.

Opportunity to choose to not look and to internalize is the key to self-discovery. Even in some practices like yoga, one can focus on the breath, body and spirit. Concentrating in these simple areas is enough to guide the mind to see with clarity. Try sitting in a silent location, closing the eyes and breathing.

Listen to the breath and hear the heart beating, giving attention to the rhythm and flow of the breath. No time limit on this process at all. Do not rush. Be present and listen to the body.

Taking the time to focus within helps to clear the mind and return to center. This practice of meditation truly is powerful when done more often at the proper time. The challenge is when the busy life of work, family, friends and or sudden circumstances tend to distract the opportunity to do this task.

Perhaps prioritizing or weighing out between socializing and family time can be arranged for personal time to regain that focus on self. Of course, work, children, family and rest are all important but it can overwhelm the days and rob one from taking the time to be present or clearing the mind and regain a center.

Even starring in a mirror for up to 30 minutes and not say a work is a challenge. Yet, when completing the process, one may face the negative forces that will hold them back or prevent progress or growth.

These ideas will hopefully start a process for a more balanced life and bring in happiness and joy in life.