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Close up of two people with colorful accessories.
Close up of two people with colorful accessories.
Photo by Joe Pilié on Unsplash

Memorable and Viral.

Those two concepts work together like an unstoppable glam-rock wrestling tag team. Just imagine…

The lights go down in the arena.

No one has a clue what’s happening.

Suddenly, an unknown pair of wrestlers clad in sequins, neon spandex, makeup, and wildly-colored hair, brandishing platinum electric guitars, strut out of nowhere. There’s fireworks, smoke, and an incredible light show accompanied by wailing 80s rock ‘n roll.

They rush into action and put a walloping on the tried, true, familiar faces in the ring that everyone has long accepted as the gold standard for tag team wrestling.


Do your part to manage polarizing conversations with the memorable SHARPIE Method.

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Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

Today’s world is volatile.

Lies, murder, brutality, racial tension, riots, protests, a pandemic, environmental collapse, economic ruin… they’re all being poured on top of the daily struggle sandwich. Truth seems to be in short supply. Mediation isn’t in our vocabulary. Opinions are galvanized based upon subjective belief rather than objective truth. Defense mechanisms are set on “hair trigger.” We become more divided every day.

It’s exhausting.

How can we move forward, together? We, as a society, need to have hard conversations, absorb new factual information, and be willing to adjust our stance, without simply giving up on each other. …

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“wrecked car on ground” by Jordan Bebek on Unsplash

One’s past should not always be a determining factor in whether they are currently qualified for a job. People can improve upon their knowledge, and they also change their behavior. However, in the case of the President of the United States and an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, I believe we should weigh their past actions heavily. In addition, acknowledging their current behavior relative to their past actions is key to making the assessment. The modern GOP doesn’t really seem to care, though.

Trump is a shining example of ignorance, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, narcissism, disrespect, and divisiveness. I’m certainly…

Joe Pilié

Two-decade hospitality veteran. Systems thinker. Problem solver. Food-Drink-Art-Music-Photography-Design Lover. #blacklivesmatter

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