RSA 2017: Top 5 Trends

It’s been a week since RSA. I’ve made it here to Lisbon — Portugal, and here are my top five trends RSA 2017.

Trend number one: No one wakes up in the morning wanting to buy a security product.

People wake up in the morning with business problems. With needs to meet regulations. It’s all about the problems that they face on a day-to-day basis — not about authentication, antivirus, firewalls.

Trend number two: GDPR, where was it?

It seems that the show everyone thought GDPR was just related to the EU, but that’s wrong. If you have EU customers — and everyone does these days — then you’ve got to be thinking about GDPR too.

Trend number three: Machine Learning, AI, oh my.

It is generally accepted that there’s too many alerts coming into security operation centres for analysts to keep up. So what we’ve seen in 2017 is more and more vendors using machine learning and artificial intelligence to filter out — and just provide the top level of detail.

Trend number four: Don’t even think about selling me — just one more product.

The people I was talking to at RSA are increasingly worried about how they actually run their security operations. What happens day two after that your solution has been installed?

Trend number five: Make it so easy that my five-year-old can use it.

I’m part of the millennial generation. I’ve been brought up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. User experience that gives instant gratification. Security products just aren’t like that. You need a PhD to unbox them. That’s got to change.

Alexa — that’s a wrap.

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