The Day I Snapped! (Why I Started Youtube…)

On the 18th of January 2017, I was sat in a conference room and I snapped. I was there for a strategic review of a project and the person presenting used 15 buzzwords in a single sentence. So I asked him rather impolitely
to explain those buzz words… and he couldn’t.

I’ve been in the security game for 15 years and we use jargon. Sometimes we use it to be technically correct, but often we hide behind it as a barrier to entry. So that’s why I created Spoonful of Joe — as a place where we could talk about security, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. And make it
inclusive and available to everyone.

For espresso size vlogs that cut through the haze of hype and jargon. And explain technology in a clean, refreshing light — subscribe to Spoonful of Joe.

Spoonful of Joe, released every week.

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