A Case Study on revising the Information Architecture NYCgo

The Objective

Begin building a strategy that defines a new direction for the information architecture of the NYCgo website.

NYCgo Platform Usage

Month over month, most traffic to NYCgo comes from mobile. We tested both desktop and mobile to form a benchmark comparison. But decided to heavily concentrate on a mobile first approach.

Usability Testing

During initial testing we asked users to give their reaction of the what they though would be contained under each navigation category. The only clear category identified was Stay. Users felt other categories were ambiguous.

A Case Study In Drinking & Friends

No, it’s not a set-up for a joke. When my two teammates and I were given free rein to choose a topic of focus, we selected an area that interested all of us…discovering more about people’s nightlife habits.

What we thought would be a seemingly overcrowded market of apps and websites, turned out not to be the case. Instead, we found a few big players all of whom are not delivering the information their users need.

The Ask

To identify an opportunity within a problem space and select an appropriate platform for which to design…

An Analysis Of FishsEddy.com

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…New York, New York.” Frank Sinatra aptly crooned these words, and with over a decade in New York City, I think Frank would agree I’ve made it. (I believe the official rule is 7 years, but I digress).

I’ve seen a lot of businesses in that time come and go, but there are NYC institutions that seem exempt from the “progress” of time. One such place is Fishs Eddy, the focus of my 3rd project at General Assembly.

The Ask

Assess the usability and functionality of the Fishs Eddy website and its competitors.

A case study in food and collaborative working

What do group work and a meal have in common?
Well, both are made up of individual things that build into something complete. Too much of one element, and you’ve unbalanced the entire thing. However, when everything is working in complete unison you have a recipe for success. Throw in a little spice though and you can kick it up a notch. At least that’s my take away from my first group project at General Assembly.

The Ask

Identify a user group within the topic of “Food” and solution a responsive website that will impact those users in a real and meaningful…

General Assembly

The Ask: Redesign one aspect of communications within an existing mobile app that could benefit General Assembly students and the way they stay in contact with family and friends outside of GA.

The (very wrong) Hypothesis: I believe by building a function into a communication app that allows family and friends to send messages of encouragement will be a useful feature to stressed out General Assembly students as it will keep the student motivated. This will increase the grade levels at GA.

Joe Pinelli

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