How Bad Policy Harms Coinbase Customers in Hawaii
Juan Suarez

Speaking of “bad policy”, many think that COINBASE/GDAX has some of the worst customer support they have ever encountered. In fact, to call it “support” is to diminish the value of what is commonly known as “Customer Support”.

Instead, it’s “message in a bottle support” at best, with no phone number that customers can call, and online inquiries sent via their web site which take 3–8 business days to get responses, and even then are often partial or incorrect.

By saying all this, I do not, in any way, wish to demean those who do wear the “Support hat” at Coinbase, but rather hope to help convince their Management team that they are severely understaffed, overwhelmed and are not able to do the real job of providing real Customer Support.

Given the fees that Coinbase charges their customers, compared to say, ItBit, a similar New York-registered US-based online broker, I am puzzled why Management does not have a real Support group with a real phone number to call. There are likely plenty of knowledgeable people they could hire to do the work, so it must be frugality that prevents them from having a decent Support Department.

What they don’t realize is that customers figure this out quickly, and they move to another broker. Or they limit the amount of funds in their account, as one BTC trader told me is the case for him.

So, rather than worry about Hawaiian customers, I hope that Coinbase will use their excess resources and talent to beef up their nearly non-existent Support department into a REAL Support department with an actual phone number and live staff to respond to customer inquiries on a 24/7 basis. And how about working on better uptime on your servers. Your customers deserve better.

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