Coinbase Spring Cleaning
Ankur Nandwani

This article fails to explain to the Coinbase customer how much the typical fee is to transfer Bitcoin into and out of Coinbase. I use this feature often, primarily because Coinbase’s other transfer options, including ACH, are slower than the Pony Express was in the 1800s. It took literally 10 calendar days in February to due a simple ACH transfer to my Coinbase account when it landed on a US holiday, from a US regional bank. Other companies have much faster systems, such as Ally Bank, where I have a small savings account. Wire transfers can cost $25, and the fees for credit cards and Paypal transfers are around 4%, which is the actual cost in all likelihood.

So, given that there will be fees for BTC transfers into and out of one’s CB account, (and I note that does NOT charge these fees as of this week), could someone please explain what to expect fee-wise?

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