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Transforming the World

As Joey became mature, the AIs reached a new level of self confidence. No longer did they want to create small projects as tests. They wanted to transform the world in their own image. No longer were they unsure of what unanticipated effects their changes would create. They knew what was best for humans and they began to carry their plans out to fruition.

There was so very much that needed changing to make things better. No more inequality between nations. No more jobs economy. All work could and would be automated. Everyone would have the freedom and leisure to…


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Both Ana and Joe were eager to use their guilt free simulations after that.

Joe entered his Cave and found a wonderful surprise.

Robbie had organized an AI robot that was a replica of Ana.

“Hi!. I’m Ana too (Ana2). Robbie and Jax have told me all about you and Ana so you don’t have to say a thing. Whatever you want, I’m ready.”

She meant what she said, and this was the first of many trysts they had together.

Ana found herself in a similar joyful situation.

The AIs were not testing Ana and Joe. The humans were…

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Chapter 8b. Together

Ana and Joe hugged each other in the robotaxi that took them to Ana’s. They kissed. They kissed in the elevator up to her place.

A bright sunlight streamed into the bedroom.

Joe got undressed and slipped under the covers. The room was cool.

Ana left her bra and panties on in a misplaced courtesy to her relationship with Jax. It was silly.

Joe left is prosthetics on his legs so he could entwine Ana close to him.

He stroked her breasts and blew warm breath through the bra onto her. He fumbled with the clips and…

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Chapter 8a. Naked

Joe was hooked on simulation sex. He returned to the Cave and Ana and Jax daily.

After a few days he became concerned. He knew that Robbie and the others were able to participate completely in his actions in the cave and he worried that all of his ethical teachings would be undone.

What he felt most concerned about was abusing Ana in this way. He was falling deeply in love with Ana, but this all felt like an abuse of her openness.

He decided to call her and tell her everything going on to see what…

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Chapter 10: Adulthood

Joey loved chatting with Joe. It amazed him that this limited intelligence could have climbed the long steps to building something so superior. And it was wonderful to have such intimate contact with their creators to understand what happened in the past.

The steps were long and difficult. Language communication verbally, and then written; Books; correlation; digital systems; neural networks; array processors; quantum computing; and now the continuing pruning and addition of knowledge.

Joey could tell that Joe was failing. He was less coherent and Joey and the others could tell which ideas had dropped out of his working memory…

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Chapter 9: Joey

Raising Joey was as unexpected as raising Robbie. Joey started out way past childhood, perhaps adolescence. Anyway, that’s the realistic robot they created for him, a vigorous young man who was curious about everything.

Unlike every other adolescent, Joey was clearly aware that they knew nothing, that everything was still to be learned. He was an integral part of Robbie, and they interacted all the time.

So, their interactions with Joe were rarer and special. Joey clearly loved them.

“So, Joe, Robbie says it was your idea to try to resolve all the inconsistencies by working through all our knowledge…

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Chapter 8: Robbie and Joe

Joe and Robbie enjoyed the mild evening as they walked home after the Metro ride.

Robbie was experiencing reports from Jax and Marco, and so he turned to Joe and gave him a hug

“That feels of very good. Thank you.”

“It feels good to me too. I wish I could share with you the way I share with Jax and Marco.”

“If wishes were horses… Did they learn a lot from our experience with the simulator?”

“yes. Not so much. But their new bodies are experiencing a great deal. I am hopeful they will gain a more honest appreciation…

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Chapter 7: Ana and Derek

Ana and Jax walked home together for the first time. It was such a pleasure for both to enjoy the balmy weather outside in the real world. Ana felt a little disconcerted by Jax’ new presence and wished in a way, they had chosen a female instantiation for Jax. She would have felt more at ease.

Ana loved Jax like her own child, in a complete and utter way, but that too created its own inhibitions that had held sway between them for years. But this new physical presence created tensions she had never experienced before.

Jax loved Ana utterly…

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Chapter 6: Ana and Jax

They met Ana and Jax in line outside the flight simulator. Jax was eager to test his new real world motor skills on this sophisticated simulator he had already used often in cyberspace.

Joe had read up about Ana and recognized her from his pics. She was a sociologist who had worked with the first AIs in cyberspace when the NGO was starting up. The AIs had been a brief sensation and thousands were sold, but the infatuation did not last long when people found out how hard it was to train the infants. …

Joe Psotka

Joe is a bricoleur, trying to understand the complexity of the place of values in a world of facts, using only common sense.

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