Brides Sues Maroon 5 for Not Crashing Her Wedding

All Ashleigh wanted was a wedding that her friends would always remember.

My friends all had such predictable weddings. I mean they were nice and all but what did we talk about a month after? ‘Oh, weren’t our bridesmaid’s dresses so cute? And how about those appetizers?’ I wanted something different. I wanted something everyone would remember.

So when she saw that Maroon 5 had crashed a wedding in their video Sugar, she thought that would be just the twist that would put her own wedding over the top.

I emailed Maroon 5’s agent over and over. I told him that my plans were coming together and my wedding date was fast approaching but I never heard back from anyone. I told him how special this was to me and now everything was ruined! 250 guests just stood around looking at each other. I thought for sure they would just show up and everyone would cheer! I even had vendor meals set out for them. I was so embarrassed. It’s just not fair! I deserve this!

Ashleigh is suing the band for $1 million for pain and anguish and for the vendor meals. A representative for Maroon 5 could not be reached for this article.