So you’ve decided to sell your apartment without a broker, huh? Well, kudos that you’re up to the challenge! We know first hand how difficult it can be (after all, it’s our job). Selling your home is never an exact science, but we wanted to offer you this brief guide to help you along the way.

Before You List It

While this prep work isn’t glamorous, it is absolutely essential to any successful transaction. You want to avoid having an offer on the table and needing to spend time backtracking to find out answers. Do your homework upfront to help yourself down the road!

Successfully navigate the city’s dynamic real estate landscape using insider advice from a tenured agent team.

For many, the idea of owning real estate in New York is aspirational at best. But the truth is, it’s not as unrealistic as most renters think — and the payoff is often much greater than you’d expect.

Even before we were agents, my partner Kelly Waters and I were proponents of property ownership. Growing up in New York, my family impressed its paramount importance on me, and Kelly was a homeowner in England prior to moving stateside. Naturally, when we teamed up in 2013, educating aspiring buyers was an immediate shared goal.

After working with countless first-time clients, we…

Joe Quiros

New York City real estate agent at Compass

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