Picture yourself as social media intern
Marquette University

Can you picture it yet?

1. I do what I want.

I really don’t let social constructs like age or time hold me back from doing what I want to do and what I love to do. That is why as a sophomore, I’ve had four internships in strategic communications and agency experience. Just follow your dreams.

2. Take a chill pill.

WEEEEEEEEEE! Yeah, that’s right. I love fun. Slides, friends, clowns. I love it all. I’m all about getting down to business when it’s time to get down to business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the mean time.

3. Shhh I’m trying to read the paper!

I’ve been told I’m a grandpa. I like my coffee black. I read the paper. I listen to podcasts and use LinkedIn and on top of it all, my favorite cereal is… Raisin Bran. I’ve started to embrace it and just because you are old, doesn’t mean you can’t tear it up.

4. I believe in myself.

If I didn’t, why would you?

5. Show me the numbers!

I know social media is more than tweeting whatever feels good. As a business and communication major, I can approach social from both a creative and business side.

Mind my (GIF’s) French.

6. Exceeding expectations since 1996.

I always try to go above and beyond. Sometimes that means I miss my mark, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from trying again. If I’m hired you can expect to have your expectations exceeded.

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