Branded Content: Podcasts

​One trend in PR and integrated communications that I have noticed is utilizing audio. Over the summer I started listening to podcasts and realized how many large companies use Podcast ads. Some of those companies include Audi, Ford, Squarespace and Mail Chimp.

This seems like a brand new area where companies can get their messages across that prior to a few years ago did not exist. Not only do some of these companies have ads, they are starting to create their own podcasts. One of the most notable is called The Message produced by GE Podcast Theater. This podcast was ranked as the one of the top podcasts in the iTunes store. The Message is not about GE or any of their products, but now when I think of one, I think of the other as well.

It is a great way to incorporate their own material as well as gain revenue by selling the ad space. CBS has launched a podcast network called and Gimlet Media, a podcast company, has opened a new division of their company strictly for creating branded podcasts for other companies.

One huge and clear draw is how large on an audience it provides. Not only is there a large number of people, but they are highly engaged too. It is very unlikely that someone will listen to a podcast and not gain information from it. I really think that if this is done correctly, companies can create valuable information and deliver it to consumers.

I think this would provide a very controlled extension of a companies voice and message.

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