The Sidekick: Traveling Agent

Joe The Sidekick… Travel Agent.

Sounds exciting, huh? Exotic even, and maybe just a little dangerous if you say it in a deep voice and emphasize the first syllable in each word. Might take you away from it all too. A week or two on some faraway island. Possibly some frolicking on a distant shore. Or maybe, just maybe, riding the paths of Genghis Khan while enjoying fermented goat’s milk during a midlife crisis.

But probably not.

After all, the fictional sidekicks hit the road with less than stellar results. Robin’s been everywhere, but mostly just to gas up the Batmobile, the Batwing and whatever they call the Bat boat. Tonto got stuck with all the manure from Silver and Scout and didn’t even get to leave Texas. Not once. And Andy? Well, Andy actually comes out ahead this time. Hitting the swankier bits of the world with the giant redhead, avoiding all the villains and only having to put up with whipped lingonberry porridge and Finnish sausage.

So much Finnish sausage.

Us normal sidekicks actually get the better side of travel when our heroes can afford it. Yes, we price out the tickets, compare hotel reviews and fill up the tank after leaving New Jersey, but we’re not putting up with villains or having a video camera follow our every move. And that’s saying something. We get to see the sights, enjoy the sounds and even have a bunch of fun when we do it right. Going for the resort that comes with a full time nanny, skipping the city where our hearts got broken or wisely picking the water park with the full bar and buffet. The details make all the difference.

Sure, it’s not exactly secret agent exciting, but nobody’s complaining.