The Dark Side of Wall Street
Nara Lee

Happy New Year, Nara - and I mean it literately.

As a friend of Danielle Bitton I found your story on facebook, and I hope you are well, scars and bruises of heart and soul are fading and healing in silence. Indeed, we are supposed to be truthful and authentic - I guess that’s what life is about. The spirit I feel in your writing, the love I feel in your heart, and the books I see on fb you are reading leaves me with certitude you will not only heal but will enter a higher level of understanding and knowing. Take your time, be yourself, step as often as possible into gratitude, and your own love will heal your heart, continuing to purify your heart and mind.

Besides sending love and light, I am contacting you as I am in preparation of a social media platform of storytelling and healing, and I would like to share your story there. And - as your writing is deep, inspiring and full of insights - I like to ask if you have written other stories about yourself, your own journey, and / or if you like to share them. There is a light inside of you that needs to shine - onto others.

You are not maybe in Cape Town these days or in near future?

Best of life to you,