I was thinking about writing the same back in 1984 about easy transition when Apple got rid of 5…
Art Marchuk

When apple got rid of the 3.5" drive people were already transitioning to flash drives. When they got rid of flash people were already transitioning to HTML5 and native apps. The difference with the move to USB-C is that there is no transition going on yet to USB-C. There are no USB-C printers, barely any USB-C mice (and none that are any good), few USB-C external drives. Apple’s own magic mouse 2, which they advertise at the top of the store, cannot plug into USB-C for charging, and doesn’t come with a wall charger, so that too requires you to buy a dongle. Taking your mac on the road to deliver presentations? Better dongle up because you won’t see a USB-C capable projector in any hotel for another decade. Even apple itself isn’t ready for this transition, as their own products and accessories line-up isn’t USB-C compatible pretty much across the board.

So I don’t think this is like those other cases. Including USB-C on the MBP was a good idea. Having only that … not so much.

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