There’s this default human condition to trust others and give the benefit of the doubt. Some may question why I took the job in the first place or continued to work for them when there were so many red flags. To those people I say this: there is also a default human condition to not give up. In hindsight, yes I could have probably saved myself the heartache, but in the end I took a risk I thought worth taking. It brought me to Silicon Valley. I met new and wonderful, smart, talented people. It felt great to work my ass off. I had the opportunity to sit across major VC investors and learn the right questions to ask. I’m not as naive with Silicon Valley and startups. I learned how the state of California fiercely protects employees’ rights. I came to appreciate Dallas more and all the things I took for granted like proximity to friends, family, wide open spaces, and a place to call home.
I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

This is an insightful passage and the ability to find the positive attributes of a shitty situation is rare and important.

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