Aaron, Eric, Cora and I spent two nights in Glacier National Park. 7/9–7/10

We found a camp site late Saturday evening and set up. We visited the park Sunday. We hiked around a lake formed by the glaciers passing through this area millions of years ago.

We found a great spot and sat off the trail, meditating on the beauty.

Later we found a river formed by glacier melt, talk about cold. Numbed my feet in seconds, but not cold enough to keep me from walking a bit.

The glacier is the part in the center covered by the shadow

Then we hiked and saw what remains of Jackson Glacier.

It’s expected to be totally gone by 2030. Sad.

We spent the better part of the day at the park, then went back to camp and had a campfire, ate sweet potato and yam stew with quinoa. Followed by smores with dark chocolate for dessert and then a little jamming with guitars.

We all slept soundly together camping under the full moon. (with Cora holding on to the bear spray).

Me, Eric, Cora and Aaron

Left my pals Monday morning, 7/10/17 after a nice breakfast celebration. Last Yum for a while for us four. Sad and sweet. “Later” is how we left it.

I left them and drove northwards. Not using a GPS for this trip. I looked at a map and wrote everything down. Got lost a few times. It seems you have to pay attention when you are navigating alone. I drove up to Edmonton, Alberta where I did my first couch surfing. A woman named Carol took me in. We talked and talked for hours, sharing life. What an awesome woman. She has a dream and I know she can manifest it. Just let go Carol. Trust in God, trust the universe to provide what you need. Your intentions are pure and with God watching your back you will be awesome! We got up early and were out of the house by 6:10am. I found my way back to the freeway and headed west towards British Colombia where I am now writing this. Waiting for Russ to find me so I can couch surf at his place tonight.
Then from Wednesday on I have no plans. I’m letting God guide me now. I will be entering the Yukon, “unsupervised territory” it says ?!?

I will write about the rest of the trip when I get to Haines, Alaska on Thursday or Friday.