eBTC The New (ERC20) Bitcoin

eBTC is a tokenized version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain.

Compatible Wallets:

PARITY or Mist & Ethereum Wallet, METAMASK and MyEtherWallet

Why create eBTC?

Why create eBTC?

There are multiple reasons, firstly Bitcoin has issues with high transaction fees and slow block times, ERC20 tokens don’t have these issues and also have smart contract capability. Secondly, there is currently no widely accepted tokenized version of Bitcoin on Ethereum which is pretty surprising. Thirdly, if eBTC takes hold at all it will display Ethereum’s capabilities and strengthen it’s stance among crypto-currencies.

How many eBTC will there be?

There will only ever be 21,000,000 eBTC, no more, no less.

How are the tokens going to be distributed?
Anyone is allowed to fill out the form at the top of this site with their email and Ethereum address and they will receive eBTC in the airdrop.
The airdrop list closes on September 29th at 3:00 p.m. EST, and the tokens will be distributed on September 30th. 95% (19,950,000) of the eBTC will be distributed equally amongst the addresses collected. 5% (1,050,000) will be withheld for the development of eBTC.

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Filipino Translation

eBTC Ang Bagong (ERC20) Bitcoin

Ang eBTC ay isang tokenized na bersyon ng Bitcoin sa Ethereum blockchain.

Mga katugmang wallet

PARITY or Mist & Ethereum Wallet, METAMASK and MyEtherWallet

Bakit nga ba nagawa ang eBTC?

Magkakaroon lamang ng 21,000,000 ang eBTC. Walang labis, walang kulang.

Paano ipinamamahagi ang mga token?

Sinuman ay pinapayagan upang punan ang form sa tuktok ng site na ito sa kanilang email at Ethereum address at makakatanggap sila ng eBTC sa airdrop.

Ang listahan ng airdrop ay magsara sa Setyembre 29 sa 3:00 p.m. EST, at ang mga token ay ipamamahagi sa ika-30 ng Setyembre. Ang 95% (19,950,000) ng eBTC ay ipamamahagi nang pantay sa mga address na nakolekta. 5% (1,050,000) ang ibibigay para sa pagpapaunlad ng eBTC.

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