We started 2015 with a bang…

If you want to start a new year with a bang (and a lot of work), then launch 2 new products in 2 weeks — that’s what we decided to do at 3beards anyway!

I *think* I’d do it again, it’s been a super-busy and tiring couple of weeks for sure, but it was great to see everyone up their game to hit the deadlines and meet the expectations that we set ourselves.

On a personal note, I’ve felt really energised by the start of 2015. With the changes at 3beards, I’ve got a little more time to myself and have embarked on a number of exciting projects, as well as getting a bit of balance back in my life. The different perspectives and increased energy this has given me is great, and with the continuing work needed for the projects, that’s going to be invaluable!

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

A mythical beast of a tech job board
Feat. “Choose your own discount” pricing

Last week we launched a vast improvement on our old Wordpress job board, which has been totally rebuilt from scratch using all the latest tech tools! It’s called Unicorn Hunt and has been launched with a new pricing model: Choose Your Own Discount — currently set from 0–100% It’s a bold pricing experiment, as everyone could potentially post for free (thankfully they haven’t!). We’ll be doing some analysis and posting a report on how it goes when we have some good data to look at.

Officespace — Powered by Hubble

After a week of the chaos around the Unicorn Hunt launch, we decided to go for it again and launched a partnership with Hubble yesterday — a tool for finding office space in London, be that private, shared or co-working space. If you’ve ever tried to find officespace here, you’ll know that any help is most welcome!

If you have a few moments, take a look at what we’ve produced, we’re ecstatic to have shipped two products in as many weeks, but there’s still work to be done!

Take a look at the jobs

Find office space in London

Any feedback on hello@unicornhunt.io or hello@3-beards.com for the Officespace board would be greatly appreciated!