Dharma Farmily-1 Month

Paulden, Arizona

My friends Sprout and Pepper. They finished WWOOFing and are leaving the farm.

Young travelers seeking adventure and knowledge

and fun!!!

Ahhh, to be young :)

They are heading to Sedona to spend some time in a cave dwelling in the dessert with a friend. They are traveling with Sky and Nilo(dog). We will miss these guys. New WWOOFers come and go on the farm. I am staying for a few more weeks then heading up north to Oregon and then Washington.

Here we are irrigating the land outside the house.

We redirected the grey water from the kitchen sink and the bathtub away from the septic tank and into the fields for watering the crops. We repurpose glass bottles for containing the land and marking walkways.

We had a COBB party last week. COBB is building material made from clay subsoil, sand and straw in our case. These are locally found items,

We mix the cobb-crete with our feet while listening to music provided by solar power.

To the left is the unfinished project we are going to solidify with the cobb. On right is the work in progress. It is a cold frame where young starter plants can get used to being outdoors. Protected at night. (that’s Vibes digging the trench for the Grey Water Project)

Cobb project finished. Results- one sturdy and cozy cold frame.

Here are the solar panels I helped install. We ran lines to charge 2 marine batteries. These batteries hold the stored solar power and are then run through wires into house where we convert into 110 volts usable to charge cell phones, run stereo, lights and other small amp devices.

Our potty (left). Taking a poop in the great outdoors is releasing.

On the right is the water collection project tank. We will be running leaders and gutters to direct rain water into this tank.

These are the beds we sow seeds in. We planted corn last week along with onions and turnips. Asparagus is coming back along with many strawberry plants.

Yes, we are in a dessert. We irrigate with well water, grey water and soon with rain water.