DHARMA Farmily — Paulden, Az.

Located in northern Arizona, Paulden is a quiet community where the Dharma Farmily resides. The organic farm is in a high desert valley with dazzling sunsets and wide open night skies.

The farming practice is based in permaculture with no-till permanent beds, drip irrigation and hugelkultur for water conservation, listening to and stewarding to the land as are guided to do.

Preparing the beds with mulch
SPROUT pushing a wheelbarrow

The main thing they farm here is dharma.

Currently the farms focus is on garden preparations, putting in a new watering system, and preparing the space of love for the late April arrival of a divine human being to be birthed right here on the farm.

Dream projects include; building a windmill, a greenhouse from the reclaimed materials collected, cob dwellings, human powered machines, solar cookers, an outdoor kitchen, a root cellar, and planning and creating gathering spaces.


the group went down to the river to swim and picnic for the day

Walnuts harvested from local trees. Back on the farm, preparing the soil

Bubs, Sky and me

Vibes ….

Farmer …

Inside of our farm home

They envision being able to host workshops on many subjects including no-till gardening, companion planting, pregnancy and birth, natural/primal parenting, yoga, kombucha, food that feeds soul and body with the bonus of alleviating disease, disposable plastic-free living, and more.

We eat an organic whole-foods plant-based diet that occasionally includes eggs, and we have a strong focus on nourishing food that creates a space for well-being in the body and spirit. They do not purchase items packaged in plastic due to their observation of the immense and avoidable waste produced by this non-biodegradable substance. This led them to making body cleansing and nourishing products as well as finding creative ways to get the goods and foods we require, which is excitingly much easier than you may imagine.

Closest town within 25 miles is Prescott.

Bubs and Vibes are busking on the corner of the Prescott square.

The farm is conveniently located around an hour from the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Jerome, Flagstaff, Montezuma’s Well, Fossil Creek, Cottonwood, Camp Verde and many Native ruins.

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