Hawai ‘ i

The “Big Island”. One of the rarest places on earth where land is constantly being formed. Slowly but constantly. I never imagined such a sight. You can actually walk over to the lava flows. The lava cools quickly as it is exposed to air but can still melt through your shoes. At night, as seen in the pictures, the lava glows so beautifully. These pictures are taken at the sea level area many miles away from the crater of Kilauea. I was living 5 miles from here on the farm. I left that farm on October 12 and moved to the hillside. The area is called Volcano Hawaii. It is over 4000 feet above sea level. The climate is dramatically different here. A real rain forest. As we move into the autmn and winter months the rains come. (sure beats snow) The temperature drops into the 40’s at night and back to the 70’s in the day.

Mauna Loa and Kīlauea are active volcanoes. The island of Hawaii is still growing. Between January 1983 and September 2002, lava flows added 543 acres to the island.

LAVA flows from Kilauea just 15 minutes from farm I was staying at

I currently live about 8 miles from Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

This is the active crater of Mount Kilauea volcano, the home of Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess.

Pele is a goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes and violence, a daughter of Haumea and Kane Milohai. Early Hawaiians respected and honored Pele, and made offerings to please her or calm her wrath. Every time an eruption occurs, the local people think that it is a way of Pele giving a gift.

Took this just after dusk. We are about 200 yards from mouth of crater.

It reminds me of a movie from the 90’s called “ Joe Verses the Volcano” Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan.

I was drawn to Hawai’i by something I can’t explain but definately feel. I researched this phenomenon yesterday to see if I was imagining it.

This is what I found:

“Hawaii is home to some of the most powerful concentrations of earth energies on the planet and each island has a unique vibe and attractive force that calls to people. Many subtle energy researchers believe the Hawaiian Islands act as the heart chakra of the planet, a place of unconditional love & healing.

Vortexes exist where there are strong concentrations of gravitational and magnetic anomalies, in turn creating an environment that can defy gravity, bend light, promote healing, startle animals, twist plant life into spiral shapes and cause people to appear as though they’ve shrunk in size.”

As many of you know I am seeking for a place to start a Recovery Ranch where people can come and heal. Heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. The ranch will promote healing through nutrition, yoga, massage therapy, chakra balancing, reiki, eastern philosophy, meditation, pet therapy, music, dance…. to name a few.

For those of you interested I am co-hosting a workshop in Hawaii on the volcano on November 18, 2017. Here is the website for more information. YogaYurtHawaii

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