Into the Wild…

I have been traveling on the Alcan, a.k.a. The Alaska Highway. It was constructed during World War II for the purpose of connecting the contiguous United States to Alaska across Canada. I got on in Dawson’s Creek, BC and will take it to the end (1390 miles) to Haines Alaska, my final destination. Total miles for this trip is 1996. From Bozeman, Montana to Haines, Alaska.

First stop after my last entry at Fort St. John, British Colombia, is the Hot Springs in Liard just south of the Yukon.

Spent the night camping at this beautiful river that was fed by a glacier and a hot spring.

The water was around 106 deg. fahrenheit.

Slept 12 hours after soaking.

Woke up and headed out

Into the Wild……….

For me, Driving Into the Wild is good enough right now.

The Yukon, a territory in northwest Canada, is wild, mountainous and sparsely populated. I was the only car on the road for a while. Once in a while I would pass a camper or 18 wheeler.

Now wildlife is another story. Not a half hour after I entered the Yukon this is what I encountered.

I saw 4 bear in 20 minutes. Just coming out of the woods. I do have good eyes and was looking for them. The bison were easier to find, Baha. And the wild sheep and goats seemed like they were hitchhiking.

This leg of the journey took 9 hours. I drove due west, (no GPS) and only got lost when I stopped for gas. Never could remember which way I was heading, I would sometimes pass the gas station then make a U-turn back. Get gas, pee and stretch. Then get in the car and… left or right? Anyway I made it to Haines Junction after many scenic stops.

It was overcast on my arrival, and still is. The climate is that of a rain forest right now. Not unusual but the sun hasn’t burned through yet. Temp is in the 50’s and 60’s.

We’re expecting sun and heat beginning Tuesday.

So, my directions to the house I am sitting…. Wait, I don’t think I mentioned that I am house(pet) sitting here. This opportunity came along as part of a group I belong to called “Trusted Housesitters” I am bonded with background checks and such. This house has a lot of land and gardens and my WWOOFing experience got me the position. 3 dogs, 2 cats, the house and gardens are what I’ll be tending for the next 3 weeks. Dog walks along the river with bear spray and bells?

6 miles from the Canadian border on a peninsula surrounded by magnificent mountains. (so they tell me, fog and clouds obscure that view).

Driving the last 100 kilometers (yes, everything in Canada is metric) or 60 something miles was breathtaking. But as I got closer to my final destination I realized the directions were in an email. Kristen, my host sent me detailed directions via email which I no longer had access to. I got to the border and asked a lot of questions to help me find my way. “There’s only one road in and out of here” was the reply from the customs officer. I did remember Kristen saying she would put balloons on the mailbox. So off I go. If I don’t find my way I can drive the 40 miles into town and find WiFi there.

So I’m driving and this red pickup backs out of a driveway and I slow down. In the corner of my eye I see a woman chasing a bunch of balloons down a hill. I drive past and then make a U-turn. I get back to the house as she is taping the balloons to her mailbox. “Are those for me?” I yelled out the window.

Yes they were !