Next stop- Boulder, Colorado

Left the Dharma Farmily Friday, 5/19/17. Went to Flagstaff for the day and dinner then headed out with Bubs and Vibes to Grand Canyon park to camp out on our way to Colorado.

Got up early and entered the park by 7am.

Made breakfast in the parking lot.

Peruvian cacao, and banana oatmeal with cinnamon.


Chilli that morning.

Very few people there at that hour.

Walked the rim.

Vibes on the edge. He did his morning yoga there.

I meditated on the amazing vastness and beauty that was before me.



We spent the whole morning there. We left the park around noon and headed to the 4 corners. A place where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado all touch. The actual monument was closed when we go there so we camped just down the road on the river.

We had a little gratitude ceremony the next morning as we said our first goodby. I spent 9 weeks together with Vibes and 5 with Bubs at the Farmily. Bubs was dancing with her new digs while Vibes and I watched. Gave Vibes my favorite Yoga4Sobriety shirt. Looks good on him.

Love these guys. We’ll be meeting up again as soon as the universe sees fit.


I tried planning something a little while ago. I planned to go to another WWOOF-USA farm in Durango, Colorado so I could stay together with Bubs and Vibes. Less than a week before we were to leave something blocked me from going. This sent me to scurry to find another farm. I found one quickly. It was a farm that just had a rare cancellation. The timing was perfect. (duhhh, of course it is, NOW that I let go).

The Abundant Garden, Boulder, Colorado