Windy Ridge Farm

Ramah, New Mexico

2/25/17 thru 3/10/17

The farm is situated in the heart of Navajo country! In the north western area of the state.

This organic farm sits on 25 acres of diverse land.

It straddles a ridge at an elevation of 7500 ft. It has a dry, arid climate.

2500 gallon holding tank (1 of 3 tanks)

Isolated and off the grid, we use captured rain water and pumped well water to irrigate crops, drink and bath in.

Water collection from rain and melting snow.
I set these panels up from a kit Jesse bartered for. Panels charge large marine batteries.

We use solar cells to charge batteries that we converted to electricity. The farm concentrates on growing medicinal and culinary herbs as well as vegetables.

There’s a hare in my food !

Jesse raises chickens & free range rabbits for sale and for food.

Buildings are handmade from recycled material.

This is the bunk house where I stayed for the 2 weeks.

Inside shot of bunk house. My bed with wood stove that was my heat.
Woke up to this twice !
I shared my bunk house with Sophia and Nadia.

Sophia was the cutest puppy.

This is the bus where Jesse has been living for the last 25 years.

Old school bus she painted and drove up the ridge back in 1992

Green house shower & sauna.

Studio building in progress with cob…Jesse will be using this for stained glass sculpture & fiber arts. This is how it looked when I got there..

This is how it looks now after 3 days of work.

Inside view of cliff house studio

Jesse Lee Grey is the owner. She is a strong 67 year old woman in excellent health and has been living here 23 years on her own. she has been studying herbal medicine and nutrition for over 50 years.

Excellent library.

Spiritual, herbal and cowboy fiction novels.

Trailer available for other WWOOFERs. Isolated from main farm area.

Ancient cliff dwelling — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — View from atop a ridge we hiked — — — — — - Ancient Navajo hand weapon found on a hike.
Elk Chili I made — Dogs chewing on bones scattered about property.
Hole I dug …. For outhouse
Woke up to this one morning
Some more bones found on property.

We spent 2 weeks together on the ridge. We shared stories and corny jokes, well my jokes were corny, hers were funny. We took turns cooking in her bus. We made chocolate from scratch. She makes herbal remedies and I tried many of them. Healed my dry skin and cleaned out my digestive system. We harvested pinon sap from local trees which she uses to make a burn salve remedy. Smells great and soothes skin. Her GO GREEN drink mix gave me energy all day long and kept me full. It contains herbs like ashwagandha root, milk thistle, nopal cactus, schisandra berries, gotu kola to name a few.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself on her farm. I learned about solar power and how to harness and convert it to electricity. Rain water harvesting. Chopping wood, building and finishing structures with recycled materials. I met many American Indians from the Navajo tribe. They welcomed me on to their farms and gave me the royal tour after they understood my objective. This area of the world is a place that many outcasts find themselves. Back in history, some of the Navajo tribe were used as scouts for the Spanish as they conquered the lands of the southwest. They were looked at as outcasts from both sides after the dust settled. They ended up in this area and found solace with other outcasts. This specific area is known as Candy Kitchen, NM. During prohibition they distilled sugar cane into liquor and used making candy as a cover. The name still stands.

Jesse left me with many wonderful stories and sayings. My favorite is one she penned. “Life is like a coloring book…. and we are the crayons”

Thank you Jesse Lee Grey