“ Of course, the low hanging fruit of of insulting the typical Brexit voter.”
Ian Samuels

“Same goes for the Trump voters, majorities of whom are huge vile racists by their own admission” -Two or three people got attacked because the showed up and acted like the biggest assholes they can possibly get away with and got punched. Seriously, would you want to punch anyone who attacked your friends and family like this? https://youtu.be/Wwixow3ZA3o?t=15 That doesn’t look like hate (from Trump supporters) to me, that looks like remarkable restraint.

“Anyone making excuses for ignorance and nativism who’s more concerned about blathering about “the intellectuals” instead of confronting the hate can, in my opinion, stuff it.” — It’s the Trump supporters who are getting vandalized, robbed, socially ostracized, slandered, and physically attacked. The hate is against Trump supporters, not from them. Unless you have a liberal arts degree, then logic doesn’t apply since you are so much smarter than everyone else.

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