Feelings-first voters have found a voice in Donald Trump
The Economist

This article is bullshit. Those questions are bullshit. Wall St did collude, Wall St did collapse the economy, but believing they did it intentionally is a conspiracy theory? The autism believe is a different interpretation of the evidence, not any kind of conspiracy. I remember one shock poll that asked “was GWB responsible for 911” which was then touted as proof the left is full of conspiracy theorist, as if laziness and incompetence is the same as literally planning.

Some of the conspiracies Clinton has been pushing: Diversity is our greatest strength, implicit bias is what’s causing cops to kill African Americans, women get paid less for the same work, the alt right is being led by Putin and Farage, Islam is a religion of peace and has nothing to do with terrorism, and that Pepe is a white supremacist Nazi frog.

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