Back in the late 60's and early 70’s being a man with long hair was like an invitation for people who saw life differently to bully you. Cut your hair, get a job, do what your told. Fit in! You goddamn hippy!

Some people, some with long hair and maybe draft cards saw the world as it was with the war in Vietnam and all the pollution and racism and said ….Fit in? Conform? Do what I’m told? Fuck that man!

This life’s not about just money and wearing a suit and bombing people who look different and have a different type of economic system than we do. We don’t want your damn wars.

We want to live together in peace. Make love. Create stuff. Enjoy nature. Find ourselves. Share what we can.

Hearing that, the man, the establishment squashed that fast! Nixon started the so-called War On Drugs going after pot smokers who by the way happened to be against the Vietnam War and tended to vote for Democrats like McGovern who pushed for peace. (Himself being a WWII bomber pilot war hero).

But there’s always a vice like pressure to conform. To accept the clearly unacceptable and go a long with the program.

How do you “let your freak flag fly”? How are you a free thinker?

What will you do to help create a life of meaning beyond money or celebrity or power where our kids never have to go off and die in another war thousands of miles from home?

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