The Republicans are not a real American political party anymore. They are an order taking system for the plutocrat class in America working to do one thing…. lower taxes on the rich. And they don’t care how many of us suffer and die unnecessarily as a result of their actions! If you don’t realize this yet google their proposed budget cuts and analysis of the billions in tax gains shifted to those who make as much as Trump or more ie millions a year. This is the most dastardly heartless self-defeating attack on the foundations of a decent society in nearly a century.

Oh they may make speeches and take votes and claim to care about the taxpayers and jobs but the only taxpayers they care about are their millionaire and billionaire donors and the only jobs they care about are their own!

Are Democratic Congress people different? Well to the extent they put their own jobs and donors welfare above all else they resemble the so-called Republican Party but beyond that at least the Democrats in congress actually believe the Federal government exists to protect the most vulnerable and solve huge societal problems. Republicans do not! They were sent to Washington DC to first gum up then decapitate the Federal Government so they can fulfill their promise to their donors of cutting taxes on the very rich.

Ok before you go off on how they’re both the same, I have no time to argue with or educate people who say both parties are the same. The level of willful ignorance that view requires is stunning and frankly sorry but I’m not an idiot whisperer, that’s not my job. Go with God and good luck to you as you help the Republicans devastate the poor, seniors, students, working people and the Earth herself.

Our job as people who understand what our grandparents fought to create after the Great Depression and the greed that caused it is to reach out and get more people to vote Democrat in every election and not waste time with people who are trump voters or green voters. Yes get as many enlightened progressive people to run for office at every level possible too. Push Democrats to focus on real solutions that work like Medicare For All and debt free public education. But above all, join the fight to defeat and destroy the Republican assault on our lives!

Just my opinion.