1. Democrats try to embrace a Republican Light brand & we lose. We lose big. We lost over 1,000 legislative state wide seats! We lost the U.S. Congress. We lost most of the Governors races. We lost the White House to the least qualified most disturbing candidate we’ve ever seen. Trying to tact to the right ask yourself why should conservative voters vote for a watered down version of what they’ve come to believe in when they can vote for the real thing ie the Republican candidates. Ask yourself if those policies are in fact in alignment with your core beliefs of what can help the most hard working and struggling Americans today.
  2. What voters want is authentic passion, integrity and fighters for the working class who are confident about the solutions to help people they are proposing. One candidate in the recent DNC chairperson election recounted a story where when he was knocking doors speaking with a conservative Republican resident of his precinct the man said while he disagreed with his positions he could see that he sincerely believed in them and was honest and he’d give him a chance to succeed and vote for him!
  3. Some speak of a “Third Way” implying that there are two ways the progressive Democratic option and the conservative Republican option and a more centrist position would win over more conservative voters resulting in Democratic party wins. But most of us have seen that the high priced consultants and pressures from the donor class have insulated the establishment Democrats from championing traditional working class issues and values. Our party has become the party of the professional class funded by the fortunate few who have benefited from global trade and technological advances.
  4. The left leaning pundits on Television all reside squarely in the middle of this professional class bubble and like a ship sitting in the eye of the storm tend not to see the massive waves capsizing the ships around them. In this case I’m referring to millions of people with skills that are being replaced by AI & automation or cheaper global labor. The millions of us with stagnant incomes for the last decade or more mired in credit card and student loan debt. It’s likely most of the progressive pundits can barely remember the last school loan debt they paid or time they had to worry about a debt collector’s phone call late at night as most earn seven figure salaries. I’m sure they’ve worked hard to get where they are at but what they see is a function of where they’re at not where they came from.
  5. There is indeed a third way but wealthy Television professional pundits can’t see it or even imagine it as for most of them life is really not so bad from their vantage points. They can’t imagine people actually want real reforms to how things work and who government works for and when the word “populism” comes out of their mouths it sounds like an insult.
  6. But time after time candidates who do embrace people centered ie populist working class solutions and speak with a firm conviction showing empathy for the suffering of others actually win their races! This is the real “third way”. It is the way of FDR! Defending democracy. Defending the fair deal that was the New Deal and embracing human rights for all including what President Roosevelt called the “Second Bill of Rights”. It is the reclaiming of the word “FREEDOM” to include freedom from want, freedom from fear. The right to earn enough to have a useful job that pays a decent living!
  7. Take the case of now New York State Assembly person Pelligrino. “ Ms. Pellegrino defeated her Republican opponent, Tom Gargiulo, in the Ninth Assembly District on Long Island, 58 percent to 42 percent, even though the district is heavily Republican and President Trump won it with 60 percent of the vote.”