The Republicans 
We think government is for conducting war to exploit the world’s resources & helping major corporations which we use to oppress workers and evade taxes, and everyone but the very wealthy you’re on your own so piss off and die you takers…unless you are strong enough to be in our country club because only the strong survive and the rest or unworthy of life. We are taking our country back (for white Christian people). And women get back to the kitchen and bedroom and stop making us grope you. Oh and screw the Earth it’s just here to be mined for profit.

The Democrats 
We think government is for helping the people but first our high priced consultants who also work for lobbyists must get a piece of the action, then the top 10% wealthiest professional class who attended the same Ivy league schools as we did, then the middle class but we won’t do anything to defend unions like card check or even mention the word poverty cuz its a turnoff. Oh and the war machine and Wall Street are necessary evils to help us raise money to do all the good stuff we plan on doing gradually so we don’t disrupt things too much because change is hard. And yes we believe that our diversity makes us better together and love is love. And yes we want to save all life on the planet so there’s that.

Other Parties
Sorry you’re locked out by the above two who own the system gun lock, Wall Street stock and oil barrel.

The People
Mostly think the two parties don’t understand or care about our struggles and we’re just trying to get by day to day and we’re tired of the lies, wars, disasters, personal debt, dealing with family illnesses and tragedies and hoping things some how get better before the world goes up in smoke and flames.

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