The Trump Blessing

This is the biggest cluster F&@k of a Presidency in generations! Every day is another disgrace and disaster.

This is what happens when we:

1) Cut investment in public education & eliminate civics from our schools.

2) Don’t promote the good government does. (We used to take it for granted such a thing as the greater good exists for all our benefit.)

3) Allow money to become the Golden Calf (now in human form as our nation’s president!)

4) Google “The Powell Memo” big business right wing multi decade effort to demonize government & take over the media (see FOX “news”)

5) Don’t do anything about automation & globalization gutting the middle class of good paying jobs that didn’t require 4 year degrees.

6) Allow “Corporations are people” to become law.

7) Have the most heavily sedated, overworked, underpaid, poorly informed and misinformed electorate in generations.

BUT! With all this CRAPOLA! We see more people getting active in “politics” ie being a human being/citizen who cares than any time since or including the Vietnam war when tens of thousands of our brothers came home to us in the suburbs in body bags. There will be good that comes out of this! Hang in there!