Trump inspires the American Spring

Think about this. The war in Vietnam was ten years long costing us tens of thousands of lost lives many more grievously wounded.

Pollution was so bad the Cuyahoga river in Cleveland caught fire in 1969, was literally on fire and people rose to fill the streets (creating the EPA).

We faced nuclear holocaust with the then Soviet Union and people rose up to join the No Nukes protests.

Those and all the protests before were less numerous than the recent Anti-Trump mass protests!!!

He has united this herd of cats we call progressives and others in opposition to his stupidity, hateful small mindedness and quite possibly treason!

We must protest injustices because pressure works and while I love my country Always I love my government only when it deserves it. That is patriotism not blind obedience to whomever is in power.

The last thing I want to say is unless and until we take economic power from the same hedge fund manager Goldman Sachs banker types Mr. Trumps put in all the positions of power around him we will see wages flat and our civil liberties stripped away one by one. Money makes the rules in American. It’s the new Golden Rule. They who have the gold make the rules.

Automation was supposed to increase our standards of living allowing U.S. workers to go from working forty hours and more a week to working twenty or thirty hours a week at the same income levels. This was said to give us a healthy work-life balance so we can spend time with our loved ones, bettering ourselves through education and just living our lives. But the gains of automation have all gone to the very few people at the top of the economy pyramid because those people own the equipment and all the decision making authority. Given that reality they used their authority to keep all the new profits from automation powered increased productivity.

Why didn’t the American workforce rise up in revolt? Because we were placated with easy to get credit card and housing equity lines of credit that made us seem richer than we all were. Right up until the house of cards that was the housing mortgage market collapsed that is. We are facing another balloon with school loans that’s about to pop and yet another one with worker’s underfunded pensions.

There is a solution. We must regain equilibrium in our economy. We must move as quickly as possible to getting workers involved in making decisions and reduce the dictatorial power of corporate CEO’s to control the distribution of income we workers help create each day.

If we don’t do this. We will continue to see the current efforts of the Republican Party to reduce Social Security rates and privatize Medicare. Trump Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder declared his desire to replace all his human workers with machines. UBER Tesla Google and others are working feverishly to perfect automated vehicles with little to no thought to how one of five American men work for a living as drivers. This trend is not going to stop. We have no power right now to stop it.