Are great leaders born, or are they created over time? This long-debated question has many valid points on both sides. What’s more important, however, is a leader that is open to continuing to develop their leadership skills, no matter how they got them.


A disciplined leader is an effective leader…

Many organizations have a COO, or Chief Operating Officer, on their leadership team. Normally, the COO reports directly to the CEO, or chief executive officer. In some organizations, the COO is considered the second in the group’s chain of command. The COO’s title changes from company to company. …

Business development involves investing time and energy into a series of building blocks that add up to a visionary concern. It encompasses the goals, strategies and activities that shape business growth. Here’s a breakdown of these fundamental business components and how they impact future profits.

Sales and Marketing

For any…

Joe Shew

Based in Bryn Mawr, PA, Joe Shew is a Partner and Chief Operating Officer at R&R Global Partners. Learn more at

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