Why I’m voting Labour on election day

Here’s my plan: write this blog post and attempt to sway just one undecided voter to vote Labour this Thursday. One person swayed, and it will be worth my time and maybe I can help make a difference. Wish me luck…

So it turns out I’m ‘politically active’ now that I’ve reached 32, to be honest I didn’t see it coming. But it’s here, so I best do something with it. I’d been fed up with politicians for some time. The same old soundbites, the same old policies and more and more cuts. But then someone new came along: Jeremy Corbyn. I admired his honesty and his ability to talk without use of political riddles. Refreshing.

I read Labour’s manifesto cover-to-cover — it makes sense to me, I agree with it (incidentally I also read the Tory manifesto).

It spells out a fairer society, where those who have more support those who have less — that sounds like the kind of society I’d like to live in.

It pledges that they’ll give more money to the NHS, social care and schools — again, making people healthier, I like that thinking.

If you’d like to study at university, they’ll give you that for free. For free — a few years late for me, but a more educated society sounds like a clever idea (see what I did there).

Their foreign policy is about peace and justice, not bombing the crap out of countries, but dialogue — wow! dialogue, talking to people, discussing differences, overcoming problems even if they are vast. I always thought talking, rather than thumping people was a better way to solve arguments.

They even included a nifty extra pdf that showed me how they’d pay for it allI didn’t see that bit in the Tory manifesto.

I’m sold.

So I know what comes next, I’ve heard it. Family members have said it to me:

‘But I couldn’t vote for Corbyn, he’s a clown, I just don’t think he’d make a good Prime Minister’.

I don’t believe he is. I think he’ll make an excellent PM. He’s honest. He speaks his mind. He answers the questions. He’s passionate. He believes in something — I can’t say for Theresa May, I have no idea what’s she’s passionate about and I’ve not heard her given a straight answer in the last 7 weeks.

He wants peace. He thinks nukes are a bad idea — me too! He thinks people should have job security (no more zero hours). He wants to help people, lots of people, not just rich people, everyone.

Maybe I’m being naive, maybe I’m getting a little too excited. Excited about the prospect of real change, something different, the potential of a society that works for everyone. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. And maybe I’ll be super disappointed come Friday. But at least I will have tried.

So if you are unsure, start here — it’s not a long read. And then watch this. If then you’re curious, read this. Then relax by watching this.

And if you’ve already decided to vote Labour. Share this post on your feeds. Maybe it’ll reach someone new. Maybe it’ll change someone’s mind.

As I said: one person swayed to vote Labour, and it’ll have been worth my time.