Transfer Rules: Testing

Using FLUTTERWAVE API to programmatically disburse money [Moneywave Api and Rave Api].

Joe-smith Essang
Oct 3, 2017 · 2 min read

This article provides a slight inkling to the use of flutterwave api in Tranfer Rules web application to “move money.” Sounds corny huh?? :)

Transfer Rules; No! It’s not rules concerning e-transfer…
It’s a user friendly app for carry out wallet transactions, and the lot.
Let’s get to the part I’m talking on, “testing.”
Just like proof reading, someone has to test the functionality of the app right?

Testing Functionality: As task given to a team of 6 testers to confirm the workings of the application, the tests were carried out in stages: * UI/UX design, * Front End design, * database, * backend and devops…
In as much as the interns working on the web app enjoyed all the design part of it, then came the back-breaking task: Consuming the flutterwave api well to properly integrate it to produce the functionality as needed.

The goal of this group of testers was to help developers rapidly verify the behaviour of their codes and likewise giving consistent feedback as to modifications needed to fit the overall functionality of the app.

Conclusion: The api documentation as provided by flutterwave was higly consumable, by that I mean easy to read and understand. The only part that seemed to be lagging behind was understanding the base functionality of the Transfer Rules app .
I strongly recommend flutterwave to developers as we are looking at improving simple and secure payments in Africa.

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