Donald Trump Jr Just Doesn’t Get It

The stunning self-own on Twitter by Donald Trump Jr just keeps on giving. From the minute he took on the New York Times in an effort to clear the air in the wake of damaging stories published over last weekend, the hole he’s in just keeps getting deeper. But yesterday he stopped digging with a shovel and started digging with an excavator. Last night’s interview with Sean Hannity just piled on to the absurdity, but it was a predictable response in a predictably friendly environment, the only option he had available to him that would even allow him the space needed to somehow defend such stunning stupidity, and it delivered exactly what he wanted it to.

The biggest question surrounding the Trumps since day one of his campaign has been, “Is he really as dumb as he (and they) sound, or is this some sort of 17-dimensional chess game by devious capitalists with some underlying nefarious end in mind?” I think as of right now we have our answer: yes, they are all as dumb as they always sounded. But they’re not just dumb, in the case of the Trump progeny, they’re also cloistered, ignorant, entitled and stunningly tone deaf to how they are perceived by the society at large. Such a blind spot would be barely noticeable in a country club or yacht club, but it sticks out like an infected sore thumb in our political light of day.

So what is the story here? Does the rabbit hole of “Trump and Russia” go any deeper than what Trump Jr himself has just posted evidence of on Twitter? We do not know yet, but investigations are still ongoing. Watergate took two years to fully unravel, so we may be waiting a while for a more definitive answer to that question. But what Trump Jr posted is stunning, especially in light of the logical leaps being used to hand wave it away. The President’s son, son-in-law and campaign manager all took a meeting with someone who potentially had damaging information on their electoral opponent, information that was dangled to them by email, an email that includes this quote:

This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and it’s government’s support for Mr Trump…

But yet “there’s nothing to see here” say the Republican apologist punditry. “But Hillary colluded with Ukraine!” they shout in an act of classic projection and to that I say “prove it and we’ll talk.” My concern though, speaking strictly about triage and prioritizing who is the biggest threat, is first and foremost about those currently in office, those currently able to pass laws, appoint Supreme Court justices and sign executive orders, and those able to start wars or use drones to kill people in other countries. The rest can wait its turn.

You are not scaring me by alleging Hillary may be dirty too, I already had my own reasons to suspect that. If there’s proof of wrongdoing by Obama officials, Hillary, her staff or anyone else that rises to the level of working with a foreign power to upend our electoral process, by all means investigate it and punish those responsible. But take care of the guy actually serving in the White House first. Politics should not define who we do and do not investigate and I will not subscribe to the narrative that because maybe, perhaps wrongdoing happened in Hillary’s campaign (an allegation that so far has not come with even a shred of proof), this means the obvious and admitted wrongdoing in Trump’s campaign gets a pass. This race to the bottom must stop. Wrong is wrong and I am tired of those in power, whoever they are, breaking the law and getting away with it by redirecting the argument to someone else’s corruption. We the people deserve better, and we should demand as much.

— Joe