I brought myself to vote for Bill Clinton, in his first term.
Ally Eatwell

We don’t want the lesser of two evils, We want an honest politician, and Bernie is infinitely more honest than Clinton or Trump.

If anyone BUT Bernie Sanders, Wins the Presidency. Then the 1% will have won and THAT will be disastrous for our nation. The 1% are NOT caring to preserve America. They only care for themselves and profit. At the cost of LIVES and livelihoods of hard-working Americans. . . . . ALL AMERICANS should vote for Bernie Sanders, he is genuine and we have not seen the likes of Bernie Sanders, in politics, in a long, long time. ALL AMERICANS must come together and vote as one strong voice so that the majority ‘of the people’ can get control of our government once again….Here is the task at hand, Everybody be registered as a Democrat so we can vote in the primaries for Bernie Sanders. Get all your family, friends, neighbors, and any one you come in contact with, to re-register as a Democrat and vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Bernie Sanders must get past all other candidates (Hillary) and WIN the Democratic nomination for president FIRST. When this happens then we must get everyone to vote for Bernie Sanders for president AND vote in a NEW congress that will support the issues that Bernie Sanders supports and affect the majority ‘of the people’ ………..Bernie Sanders for President 2016… FIRE CONGRESS … GO TO …kickthemallout.com Politics are to important to be left to politicians

The Kick Them All Out Project — Imposing our undeniable will on the government…

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