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At the time of writing the most recent PHP version is 7.4 and Go 1.13

Up until November 2018 my commercial development experience consisted of predominantly PHP with a splatter of Vue JS thrown in. I’d spent my early development career honing my skills using PHP but the time came to broaden my horizons and as advised by a colleague I took on the challenge of learning another programming language.

I felt comfortable with server side development so should I focus my attention on front end development or should I learn another server side language? I was advised to learn another server side language. …

Over the past few years friends and colleagues have said that my route into software development was not exactly the most conventional route, one person in particular suggested that my story would make a good blog post so here I am.

At the age of 31 I didn’t have a computer science degree, or any level of university education for that matter. Many developers I’ve spoken to since making the move into software development have received some introduction into Java or Python at College or University but back in 2015 I had no clue what either of those things were. …

Joe Sweeny

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